Desert and Safari Tours

There are two vast expanses of deserts in Iran, the Kavir-e-Lut or the Lut Desert, and Kavir-e-Markazi or the Central Desert, covering an area of over 360000 square kilometers, mostly located in the central parts of Iran. These vast expanses of sand dunes, salt lakes and steppe-like plains, wadies with long date trees and camel flocks are one of the worlds most interesting, yet unknown places in the world. Then there is vast network of Caravansaries strategically located along the ancient, camel-trodden trade routes and the scorched salt flats of Kavir-e-Markazi.Exciting safaris tours through majestic landscapes and along these caravan routes have proved to be the most efficient way of enjoying the glorious nature of Iran.

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Desert and Safari Tours
Desert and Safari Tours