Qeshm Island

Hara Marine Forests (Mangroove Djungle). According to environmentalists, about 1.5% of the world birds and 25% of Iran's native birds annually migrate to Hara forests, which is a national park. It's a mangroove tree forest that depending on if it's high or low tide partially grows under water. Portuguese Castle. It's centrally locatd in Qeshm city and is partially intact. 

A bit west of Qeshm there is a small but beautiful desert part with super soft sand and actual dunes. You can visit other place too:Namakdan salt cave & dome.Naaz islands Kharbas caves

Crocodile farm.  

Qeshm roof

Star Valleys.  

Chahkouh Valley.  

Bukhow Mountain.  

Basira Mountain.   See all of island with Small Plane

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Kish,  Gem of the Persian Gulf

Kish Island has a unique situation in the strategic Persian Gulf region among tens of large and small islands. This island is so beautiful and attractive that it has become known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf since ancient times.Its calm coasts are covered with coral sands that shine in the sunlight, creating a unique and fascinating sight. The clear coastal waters allow one to view several meters deep into the sea and watch the beautiful movement of the fish. Diverse plants and native trees, as well as a pleasant climate seven months a year are among the outstanding characteristics of the island.The island has attracted many tourists, travelers and writers throughout history due to these very characteristics. Among those who have written in praise of this island are Niarkhous, the Greek navy commander who traveled to Kish in 225 B.C., and wrote about its beautiful palm fields, Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta and Hamdullah Mostofi, as well as Ms. Fatemeh Al Ali the contemporary Kuwaiti writer who traveled to Kish in February 2002 and compared the island to a “gem on a king’s crown”.

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