the city of Ardabil is located at adistance of 639 kilometres from Tehran, the national capital, west to the volcanic mount of Sabalan. The weather of the province varies between extreme cold on the mountains, to moderate on the plains during winter. The name of Ardabil came from an Avesta’s (Theholy book of Zoroasterians Concient Iranians) word, "Artavil" which meantal a holy place. Some historians the establihments of Ardabil to "Bazan Firooz" . Archaeologists have recently found some historical elements in Nameen, a nearby town, which belong to the 12th-16th century BC. The Oratoie epigraph while belongs to the 7-9 centuries BC, and was found in Arasbaran, mentions that civilized people lived there in the region of Ardabil. The most important places to visit in Ardabil ars as follwing.Neior lake which is located 48 kilometres south-east to the city of Ardabil.Shoorabil lake which is located south to the city of Ardabil.marshlands of Ganjgah, Nooshar, Shoorgul, Molla Ahmed and peer-el-Qeer.River sides of the river (Roodkhaneh) Baliquli Chay.Wild life and forests of Sabalan outskirts.water fall Goorgoor on water springs in Sare-Ain, west to Ardabil.mineral springs in Bila Darreh.Shaykh Safi Tomp complex which is located inside the city Ardabil.Shaykh Jebrayeel tomp which is located in Kalkhouran village.Imamzadeh Salih Tomp which is located inside the city of ardabil.Masajid (mosques) Mirza ali kbar, Jumaa. and the church of Maryam Moqaddas(holy Mary) which are located inside the city of Ardabil.Old Bridges og Qara Sou, Eidi Gouz, Ibrahim Abad, Yaqobeyeh, Sayed Abad, Samian alkoran, neer, Almas,Shahr Chay and Guilandeh.Old Bathes of Och Doccan, peer Zargar, Mirza Habib, Haj Skaykh, Mulla Hadi, Safavieyeh and Haj Raheem.The Old Bazaar Complex.Old Houses of Ardabil.old Hills of Qara Shirvan, Naranj Tappeh, Sarqeen, Aq Imam, Gour Tappehsi, Olo Tappehsi, Karkaq Tappeh and Saien Tappeh.hold Cemetreis of Sham Asbi and Karjan.Tower of Shater Gunbadi which is located 8 kilometres to Ardabil.Stone cave of Dakhmeh Sangi which is located near Veind village.

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The twon of Khalkhall is located in a mountainous highland, 549 kilometers north-west to Tehran. The weather of the district od Khalkhall is very cold on the eastern part, and moderate in the north and the south. The most important tourism attractions of the district are as following :Abgarm Khushnameh hot water spring and hot Mineral Water in Garmuhaneh village.Imamzadeh Meerzaman and Sayyed Ibraheem located in khams village.Shrine or Danyal which is located in khanqaah village.Mosque of Jami and Masji Noor located in khams village.Ghaar Tarikhi Yakhkan (historical cave) which is located in Gandum Abad village.Haft Khaneh cave located in Garmkhaneh village.

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Dashte Mughan

there is large plain located between Aras river (south) and the northern parts of the mountain chain of Talish while is called Mughan, which expanded from the outskirts of Sabalan mount to the Caspian costs. Today large plain includes three districts called; pars Abad, Beeleh Savar and Guirmi. This green and pleasant plain includes many natural places, which worth to see, as following:Aras River Sides.Shahrak lake in pars Abad.Great complex and integrated agriculture, industry and animal husbandary in Mughan.Oltan castle which is located north to pars Abad .Qiz Qalasi (the Girl Castle) which is located in Guirmi.the Historical Bridge in khuda Afareen.Kharman Hill which is located in Shaykhlar village in Germi.
Naader Hill in Aslandooz.Old cemetry in Aslandooz.Qarlooja Tawer which is located on the road between khormaloo and Aslandooz.

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Dashte Mughan
Dashte Mughan

Sar'e Ein
This is a really tourist town 29 km to the west of Ardabil. It is one of the most important hot spring spa centers in Iran and the world, annually attracting more than 1,500,000 visitors coming to use its 9 spas with therapeutic . A taxi driver can take you to one of theses hot springs around the Sar'e Ein village; otherwise, you will have to ask directions to find one.
The best would be to pay a marginally higher fee and use the cleaner and more modern "hydrotherapy Complex," the main baths in the village. Naturally, the baths are segregated, These can be used both by Iranians and foreigners, but foreigners are charged according to the length of their visit.

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Sar'e Ein